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Lin Yunhan


Synergy Techniques:
Research, Development and Reflection by Atelier Jean Prouvé on Assembly Techniques and Industrialised Construction Methods

Written by Markus Peter
Translated by Yunhan Lin

协同技术 ——让·普鲁维工作室关于装配式技术及工业化建造 的探索、发展与思考

译者:  林云瀚

摘要:本文以让·普鲁维工作室于第九届国际现代建筑大会所展示的 Maison AlBa 原型为切入点,全面回溯二战后 让·普鲁维及其工作室以协同思维作为设计指导思想,在装配式技术及工业化建造领域的探索,以及该工作室力图 将设计作为一种实验方法的尝试。在此基础上,作者进一步将让·普鲁维工作室的核心思想置于技术史与工程史视 野范畴,意图探讨其中蕴涵的科学性和思辨性。 关键词:技术、协同思维、实验、装配式、工业化、技术史、工程史

Abstract:Taking the Maison AlBa prototype presented by Jean Prouvé at the 9th CIAM as a starting point, this paper traces the post-World War II research of Jean Prouvé and his atelier in the field of assembly technology and industrialised construction methods, their attempts using design as an experimental method, as well as using synergy thinking as a guiding principle of design. On this basis, the author further places the core ideas of Atelier Jean Prouvé in the context of the history of technology and of engineering, with the intention of exploring the scientific and critical aspects of these ideas. Keywords:Technique, Synergy, Experimentation, Assembly, Industrialization, History of technology, History of engineering


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