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Lin Yunhan


    Development of city flats in Kreis 4, Zurich

The project is located at Schöneggplatz in Kreis 4 in Zurich. The Langstrassen district is undergoing a radical transformation, affecting not only the urban form but also the urban milieu. Vacated industrial areas along the tracks have been almost completely built over, and the red-light milieu and the working class have been marginalised. Life and housing concepts of people living alone, young couples and freelancers are spreading. At Schöneggplatz, as a result of the public and politically accepted traffic planning "Neufrankengasse", new geometrised and urbanistically exciting building plots are created.

So the project responds to two different sides. One is the scale of Kreis 4, a fragmented field with many small individual buildings. The other side is the extensive industrial landscape of regional and national train traffic. On this basis, a new residential square for the people living here will be created, together with the existing Schöneggplatz, to form a continuous urban public space, which leads to a more private courtyard. All entrances to the staircase are organised through the quiet courtyard. The façade is covered by small square olive green and pink ceramics that give the building a strong figure in the city. On the ground floor, are a series of relatively shallow arches that give the building a sense of tectonic strength and fit rather representatively into the cityscape.